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  • When I first thought about getting a vehicle from Drivehere.com, I wasn't really sure if it was what I was looking for. But you know, what it was and more! I came for a car and I got a full package of benefits. I had a repo 6 months ago and guess what, I got a car at Drivehere.com even though my credit wasn't that good. My name is Jack and if you are looking for a car and don't have that much down payment or great credit, this is the place!
    Jack, 2001 Ford Expedition
  • I just got my second vehicle from Drivehere.com and let me tell you something. It was incredible! It was awesome! I had a 1999 two-door vehicle and I just got a 2004 nice looking Suzuki. I'm very happy with a new car.
    Laura, 2004 Suzuki
  • "Drivehere.com made me feel like a king! My name is Juan de la Rosa, and this is the best thing that ever happen to me. I've been walking in the snow for a couple of years, but now that I got my car from Drivehere.com I can visit my friends and family in Jersey! Thank you, Drivehere.com... Oraleeeeee!"
    Juan de la Rosa, 2003 Ford F150
A Great Warranty Repos or Banckruptcy? A great Referral Program

A Great Warranty

With your 18 month/ 18,000 mile engine and transmission warranty, you receive the benefit of a worry free year and a half or 18, 000 miles.

Repos or Banckruptcy?

Who Cares?: Here at Drivehere.com, we know life is not always easy. That is why we don't judge on your financial history. We want to help you get a vehicle and begin fresh!

A great Referral Program

If you refer 3 friends, receive an automatic upgrade in your vehicle. If you want your lease paid off, refer 5 friends.

Tag, Taxes & Registration One Dollar is What you need We have Loaners

Tag, Taxes & Registration

Obtaining your vehicle at Drivehere.com remains stress free. With the $1 deal option, taxes, registration, tags are included. You need not to bring any cash other than ONE DOLLAR!

One Dollar is What you need

You read that right! At the Drivehere.com family, we want to help our great customers like you in fulfilling your need for a vehicle. We want to present you with our best promotion yet: THE DOLLAR DEAL