In this page you can find the commonly used applications for Employees.

All of the Apps Only Work with Android, with the Exception of the Back-end application.

Click below for Quick Access:

  1. Inventory
  2. Direct Rental App
  3. Employee Call Directory
  4. HR Clock-In Tracker
  5. Security Watch
  6. Back-End Access (Not an App just Desktop Access)
  7. Dashboards
  8. Referral Application

Inventory App

Please click on the picture to download it from the ANDROID APP Store. Please Follow this steps:

1- Register.

2 –Notify Mitch to approve you at:

3- Once you are approved you can start using it

Direct Rental

1- Please be sure you are register first through the main inventory app and read the instructions on this page.

2- Once you are register, click on the image to download the app from the android play store.



Employee Call Directory

Are you looking for a coworker’s phone number?

Download this app by clicking on the image. Be Sure You Register First on the main Inventory App.




HR Employee Hours Tracker

This Application is made for Employees to Check In/Out their working hours through only authorized stations. 

1- Please Register with your face shoot through the dedicated stations in your work location.

2-Notify Your manager.



Security Watch

This app is for all the security guards at to report incidents and to check-in at the required times and secured areas.

Please click on the image to download the app at the android store.






Back-End Desktop Access



In order to use this back-end access you need to be a registered user and have managerial permission to use it.

1- Register through a phone or tablet at the Inventory App

2-Notify Ignacio at

3-Wait for approval Analytical Dashboards



Access to’s Analytical data for marketing, call activity, collections and store traffic by clicking on the image.

Please contact your manager to gain access to any of these dashboards


Referral Application

referral’s referral application for inputting customer’s referrals

Please contact your manager to gain Log In credentials