Conditions DriveHere Dollar Challenge

  1. Any “dollars” obtained by participating in the dollar challenge have no cash value. They cannot be used in combination with any other promotions or offers except our dollar down Due at Signing program.
  2. All dollars obtained by participating in the challenge must be surrendered at the time of the challenge in exchange for a transferable, voucher which can be used against your balance during your last four months of payments on the lease contract.
  3. Only one voucher can be used for each lease contract. A release, waiver of liability and assumption of the risk document must be signed prior to entering the dollar challenge.
  4. Fraud, misrepresentation or any effort to alter the voucher will void the promotion.
  5. The participant understands and agrees that the neither, Peoples Commerce, their agents, employees, successors nor assigns will maintain a copy of the voucher and surrender of the voucher is required at the time of redemption.
  6. Management reserves the right to suspend the program at any time and without notice.


Visit Philly, if you have Facebook demonstrate that you liked and shared.  Obtain and review Release and Waiver of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement.  Enter the “Dollar Challenge”.  Get as much “Drivehere Cash” as you can within 30 seconds.  Get your “dollars” counted by a Drivehere associate.  Receive your voucher.  Retain your voucher. Produce your voucher at the Drivehere Philly location during your last four months of payments and receive the credit as per the promotion! 


  1. Individuals participate in the promotion at their own risk. Any images are provided for informational purposes only and do not necessarily represent any specific individual’s experience.  There is no guarantee implied or in fact that any amount of “dollars” will be obtained as a result of participating in the challenge.  Once a voucher has been issued, that voucher cannot be copied or reproduced in any form.  The voucher is transferable but the holder of the voucher is solely responsibility for producing the voucher at the time of redemption.  The original voucher is the only means to obtain the promotional value.  As such the voucher should be maintained with your important documents as no replacement is available if your voucher is lost, stolen, destroyed or otherwise available.  com, Philly and Peoples Commerce are not responsible for unredeemed vouchers.  The voucher holder is responsible for any sales tax.  No credit or change will be given for redeemed vouchers whose value exceeds what is due and owing on the lease.  For full information and to obtain a copy of the release please visit Philly.